FIFA 17 Omits African Teams: Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Tunisia and Senegal

In a blatant show of inequality, out of 47 Men's National Teams from all around the world announced for FIFA 17 due to be released later this September, only 4 nations are from the African continent and only 2 African clubs are represented in the entire game. It has now been confirmed that the newest installment of the FIFA gaming franchise by EAsports will NOT feature traditional football powerhouses like Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Congo DR, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. One thing they share in common? They are composed primarily of players from the African continent! While teams like Iceland, Albania and Croatia have been absent from the game now and historically, it is noteworthy that most of mainstream media sees issue with Iceland's absence and yet refuse to acknowledge the blatant disregard towards the African powerhouses.

The current second best team in Africa, Algeria have most notably been overlooked by EA, perhaps sending a signal that African or perhaps black teams and players are really not a priority for the gaming franchise. Of note, Ivory Coast is the only country out of the top 5 from Africa represented in the game. Egypt is the only north African side. It looks like the larger gaming community might have to take a stand to get notable African national teams recognition in-game. Despite previous petitions to get teams like Algeria, Nigeria and Ghana into the game in the past, it appears EA have decided black and arab players are not worth the effort. Among the Women's teams this year, not one African nation is represented (South Africa, Cameroon and Nigeria are the big three historically and possess some world class talents). Even beyond this, African clubs such as Al Ahly, Zamalek, Esperance, Etoile Sahel, TP Mazembe, Asec Mimosas and Enyimba (7) would be prime candidates for Rest of the World category. perhaps EA can consider discussing with CAF to include the champions league, instead of the national football associations. We are yet to see that happen. It will be interesting to see if lovers of the FIFA franchise will come together to take a stand until equality in team representation is demonstrated by easports this September. #africanteamsmatter


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